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You have landed at the Internet home of Dr. Edd Barrett: Computer scientist, programmer and OpenBSD developer.

I am currently working as a Research Fellow within the Software Development Team Team of the Department of Informatics, King's College London. My research topics include: programming language composition; reliable benchmarking; and new Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation techniques. For more information on research activity, see the publications page.

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Selected Publications

Virtual Machine Warmup Blows Hot and Cold (2017)
Edd Barrett, Carl Friedrich Bolz-Tereick, Rebecca Killick, Sarah Mount and Laurence Tratt
Fine-grained Language Composition: A Case Study (2016)
Edd Barrett, Carl Friedrich Bolz, Lukas Diekmann and Laurence Tratt
Unipycation: A Case Study in Cross-language Tracing (2013)
Edd Barrett, Carl Friedrich Bolz and Laurence Tratt
Range Analysis of Binaries with Minimal Effort (2012)
Edd Barrett and Andy King

More publications over at the Publications page.

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